Is it better to buy a miner or build it yourself?

Build it because ASICs cannot be sold once they become unprofitable. PCs can still be sold used. You can even sell them at a high price if the shortage continues to exist.

For example, I bought some rx 580s before covid for $100 each. Now I can resell those old cards for gaming PCs for $450-600, just because you can’t buy new cards at ATMs.

The ryzen cpu will be off the market soon due to the new raptoreum mining boom. It is possible that it will operate in the same way as a gpu. Therefore, buying a high core ryzen system with maximum support for the gpu can provide a good alternative to the ASIC.

The cpu usually doesn’t die and the gpu rarely does. At the end of the mining cycle, the fans and cooling paste are replaced and they are brand new again and perform the same operation.

Asics has a relatively low barrier to purchase and breaks even quickly. But once it is no longer profitable, you will have to simply throw it in the trash, a sad future prospect from a durability and environmental standpoint, and not very economically viable since the latest gpu’s have fairly high hash rates and you can use the cpu for raptoreum mining as well.

Sell your old mining equipment because gaming computers are durable, environmentally friendly, and offer some cash back for your old hardware.