What is the difference between a mining card and a normal graphics card?

What is the difference between professional mining card and ordinary graphics card? The two fields have different functions. Although both are graphics cards, the professional mining card does not have a video output port, nor can it run image rendering, and it does not have game functions. It can run for a long time without problems. It is a dedicated mining card for virtual mining. With currency-based graphics cards, professional mining cards have a much higher computing power than ordinary graphics cards and are expensive. Professional mining card models include NVIDIA’s P104, p106, 30HX, 40HX, 50HX, 90HX, and the latest models. CMP170 and so on.

Ordinary graphics cards are the most common graphics cards in the DIY market. They are usually used in games, graphics rendering, graphics and other fields. Of course, ordinary graphics cards can also be used for mining. As Bitcoin continues to rise, although ordinary graphics cards and professional mining cards have so certain There is a gap in computing power, but it has an advantage over professional mining cards in price. The ultimate goal of absenteeism mining Bitcoin is to seek profit. Use ordinary graphics cards with a certain computing power for mining. The common ones are NVDIA GTX1060, GTX1070, 1080TI, GTX2070, GTX2080, RTX3060TI, etc. AMD commonly has 5500XT, 5600XT, RX580, RX590 and so on. These cards have certain advantages in computing power, power consumption, and price.

Can the absentees get rid of ordinary graphics cards and mine cards? Both NVIDIA and AMD manufacturers reasonably refused to use ordinary graphics cards for mining and refused to guarantee warranty, because the behavior of mining will make the graphics card run at full load for a long time, accelerate the aging of the graphics card components, and greatly reduce the life of the graphics card.